Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Quadcopter Viideos!

Before I write up the actual build here's some of the video I shot over the summer with the new quad. GoPro Hero 3+ Black with a custom build Alexmos 2axis gimbal.

Friday, September 5, 2014

MarkChibi Part 2

Wow... it's been awhile blogsphere. Life things have kept my busy with some sporactic working on projects in between. But MarkChibi has been finished! And rebuilt several times...

The original design involved 2 speed gearboxes from the FIRST Robotics world, dog shifters made by West Coast Products. They basically have two gear sets inside and then you choose which one you want to engage with jamming a "dog" gear with teeth into which set you want. They work great in the FRC world but with the much higher power and the lack of pneumatics on the karts it didn't pan out....

This was the first setup the night before OC Mini Makerfaire 2013, which was the deadline for the first built (yeah that was a while ago...). In the end it was locked in low gear and ran the even great. And some more "product shots" below. I guess in my rush to finish the cart I didn't really take many in process shots...... 

Steering... this will be something that gets talked about more. 

Fancy shot

So a few things learned after this.... need a better solution for shifting or just do away with it. Brushless motors have plenty of toque. Colson wheels without suspension on anything but the smoothest concert required painkillers, and the brakes.. to say the least need some work. 

 More to come later.