Sunday, June 3, 2012

FRC 2012: The Scalper Intro

With build and competition season over I have finally been able to catch my breath and get some thinking done. The season was mine and the team's second year in FRC and holy crap was it a crazy. The game reverted back to balls which opened the gates on past knowledge; first has done an number of ball picking and shooting [2006,2009] games before and many of the robots, including ours, had designs familiar to many.

Currently in off season mode, we are redesigning/rebuilding anything that could benefit improvement, iteration for the win. The robot that was used for the regionals... well lets just say a lot has changed since then. Photo from the end of build  for reference:

The first iteration was the result of the 6 weeks of build season, and for me at least left a lot to be desired. Now because we are poor [Engineers cannot write] we were only able to attend one regional, so off season started right after SDR. After a quick assessment the rebuild started. And with the help of the slice of heaven known as makerplace new parts began to take over.

Following post and rants should detail the revamp...

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