Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stuff to do

Time to get organized, to much to do to little time to do it.

FRC 2012: Out with the old in with the new, attempting more fixes/upgrades on the old base is becoming even more so pointless so a entire new West Coast Drive base is in the works as well as a new bridge manipulator. Shooter/Tower will remain with some tweaks to the feed and a bunch of updates to code will be added. This will be happening for sure, parts are already in the mail.

GoKart: Since my last post about this most of the CAD work is done and the BOM has been created. However totaling almost $900 this one will probably be on hold till a later time, optimistically next summer. But the research done for this will be useful for future things. A more updated CAD post might happen.

Swerve drive: this is something that could be for FIRST however for actual competition use is very unlikely. More of just something to mess with for fun, CAD is somewhat done on this and the projected cost should be $200-$300 mainly due to the absolute encoders required to control the modules.

Quadcopter: this is a new one, so far just research have been done on this. Seeing that almost every hobbyist has built one, should be a fairly simple project. Hobbyking controller/EMCs/Motors, some carbon fiber and a few 3d printed pieces should be most of it. However a good radio is $200 [Dx7] but well worth it for future projects/builds.

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