Sunday, August 26, 2012

What goes up, must come down

Now I have been lazy with posting on this and all... this being the blogging and stuff but...


Using square lexan from McMaster worked out well, the stuff is more flexible then carbon fiber but much less prone to cracking or splitting and relatively cheap. Getting the KK2 chip tuned in was a bit of a hassle however once I learned to turn on height damping. This effectively keeps the quad from dropping when you do any kind of maneuvers. Now technically you are suppose to do this by yourself, add a bit of throttle when you tilt forwards but used to driving FRC robots at 100% power this was a learning curve... So cheating and making the on board gyros/accelerometers do all the work with some finely tuned PIDs makes flying this thing almost easy.

However I did in the process of tuning and learning to fly go though all my props *sigh...
New ones are on the way as well as more flight training.

Here's a pic just before I broke the last prop:

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