Monday, April 29, 2013

More Quadcopter

With FRC finally over, I have been able to actually work on other things as well getting around to updating this, which I admit I do suck at a lot...

The more time I spent flying my Quadcopter the more I realized it was a bit undersized for flying with the GoPro and in general a bit to small (for my tastes).  So with this so called free time I build another one! I decided on using the same KK2 controller with a similar style frame, the KK2 for $25 is an amazing control board and with the new 1.5v firmware works even better. Auto level has been improved quite a bit since the first revision and now almost snaps to level instantly.

Now for the build. A nice photo montage to show some progress, I need to work on taking photos though out the build instead of just the end product...
The main plates are now G10/FR4 instead of delrin, 1/8 thick for the body and 1/16th thick for the landing legs.

However because of the epoxy and fiber bend of G10 I wasn't able to cut it with the laser since it just burned. So had to used the Tormach CNC mill, and using a brand new carbide 1/8th endmill at 5000 RPM I was able to go at it with 1/16th DOC at 40 IPM so it didn't take long. Designed in solidworks and then CAMed with HSMxpress as usual.

Because the G10 stock I got off McMaster-Carr had this horrible white color to it, everything got murdered out. And in all seriousness a good looking paint job, makes a bit difference in what people perceptive. It always happens in FRC where the painted/powercoated/anodized robots are always joked about being "mentor/sponsor built" and usually do perform better because they are better built.

In addition the arms are now thin walled aluminum, .5in square with 40 thou wall thickness, a good improvement over the polycarb box. Because getting this type of aluminum isn't an standard extrusion they are actually sourced from towel racks. And again I used the tormach CNC to drill all the holes for mounting. After I was done with that, I was able to bolt the the frame together! Held together with 4-40 SCHS and lock nuts.

This is probably one of the better/sexier looking things I have built, again the paint and machined tolerances gives it a good look. I do get people asking me if this was a kit, and it does kinda look like the Talon Frame Kit off HobbyKing (totally couldn't have bought that).  Well the rest of the work was just adding the electronics and wiring. I deiced to go with bigger NTN 35 1100kv motors  on 3S and 10x5 blades for what I figured to be the optimal life to power draw ratio. So more photos!

I am using my Spektrum DX6 radio and noticed that you can get $6 6 channel receivers on HobbyKing...... however this unit seemed to bugged out and I am replacing it with a legit Spektrum branded one, about 10x the cash but totally wroth it. Cheap Chinese electronics are cheap for a reason.

And here's the post build product shot! With Gopro which is just hanging with an adhesive mount, shock mount is in the planning. I added an LED light strip to the front which helps with orientation at night but besides there isn't really any aid for orientation.

And here's some goPRO Video!

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