Friday, May 17, 2013

Blade MCP X

Though a friend I ended up getting an slightly used Blade MCP X micro 3D helicopter. Now coming from an back ground of flying quads with auto level and driving FRC robots at full throttle it was an fun learning curve. The neat thing is since the Blade series is made buy the same guys that build the Specktrum radios, all the blades are Blind and Fly compatible with the Specktrum Radios aka my DX6i. Having put a good chuck of hours flying the quad picking up the heli and getting it to do figure 8s wasn't to difficult however that's where things got a bit complex.

Do to the fly bar-less design and the full range of pitch control these types of RC helicopters are able to do loops and rolls as well as fly inverted perfectly... Well depending on the skill level of the pilot. Also due to the slightly under-powered tail rotator it likes to "blow out" meaning that it spins violently until it crashes... However the little bird is pretty crash proof, haven't really damage anything. Probably because it's so light that if you kill the power it just floats to the ground.

Well just a little scratch. And a artistic photo~

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