Friday, February 26, 2016

The history of MarkKart

Been awhile since I've updated this blog... something I should change. But Lazy blogger I am.... Meanwhile the Markkart (the naming has changed around) has seen various actions and updates. List of Makerfaires it's been include:
  • Orange County Mini 2013 
  • San Diego Mini 2013 
  • San Mateo 2014 (PRS Race) 
  • Inland Empire Mini 2014 
  •  San Mateo 2015 (PRS Race)
  • San Diego 2015
Due to my schedule and lack of discipline documentation have been lacking. I hope to go though my photo archives and create some kind of timeline of various upgrades but here's a list of what I remember.
  • The first musings started back in my Sr. year of high school
  • And was mostly based off of Charles' ChibiKart that was a internet hit and it was finished for OC Mini Maker Faire.
  • So that version we'll call it V1 worked and was tweaked over the months, but was almost unrideable due to the hard rubber Colson wheels that made the smallest bump painful. So as San Mateo Makerfaire 2014 rolled around, which had the first PRS race I could attend a overhaul was needed.
So changes included getting rid of the two speed gearboxes in favor of one speed 2 stage drive modules. One gear reduction setup and then one belt drive. Otherwise real pneumatic tires were fitted so the ride was improved greatly. And MarkKart v2 was born

Much nicer drive modules

And the before photo

And the after photo

A theme that has happened is that my running gear always seems to shatter under the real power of the brushless SK3s. Also my origins in FIRST Robotics has taught me to make things that seem to only last for 15 minutes before something breaks..... A trend as time progress I stopped using the FRC parts that made things oh so easy. 

Also another issue I've had during the races was the play in my steering made handling a bit of a sketchy maneuver, and of course the brakes never worked. But the real power that is possible out of the brushless motors was felt for the first time. It was FAST.... to fast....

Fun times at Mateo

So then the next edition for the 2015 makerfaire was started.... upgrades now includes a more upgraded running gear, with beefier parts. A real racing seat, working brakes and steering that doesn't suck. 

So we can call this v3! All the silver parts (didn't have time to powdercoat) are the new addition and the racing seat. Also breaks have been moved to the back and WORK! Steering is much improved and it was all fun and games..... Till I melted a motor... Oops. So doing some math I realized for my 245kv motors I was geared too tall, and the extra stress on the motors caused melty things to happen. 
Other wise it was a fun kart, but getting to see what real gokarts can do in PRS such as Nimby and MB's creation has started to get the gears rolling....

So Makerfaire 2016.... TBD. 

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